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Lunar January

A challenging month filled with opportunities. Even those people who ignored you before would focus on you. A good start for bachelors in terms of marriage and career. Enhanced human relationship means you could have a lot to gain in later stage.


Lunar February

You might attend some charity activities to help the needy, or to promote culture and education. Although no immediate result could be seen from such activities, but being able to have contact with people from different level broaden your circle of friends. This might help you in your future projects.


Lunar March

For this month, your suggestions, ability, and your straight forward character would bring you some assistance, but not to the extent of becoming a leader. Anyway, chances are high for promotion. Watch out for details to avoid last minute failure.


Lunar April

Career luck is good. The new merging partnership is just  a beginning. Make use of other people's hidden potential would benefit you. If you wanted to switch to a new job, then servicing line is better than manufacturing. Of course, " sit tight and don't move " is still the best policy.


Lunar May

Whether you are being promoted to lead or not, you are still advancing step by step. Team work is very important, so get rid of your stubborn and dogmatic temper to avoid tempest of bad stars which could bring you disaster.


Lunar June

Your career may encounter with some difficulties, so your time would be occupied to solve problems most of the day. When facing such situation, too deeply involved would lead to embarrassment, especially those related to emotions and health.


Lunar July

Investment must be taken care of. In terms of profit, this month brings you disappointment. Financially, you should look forward to long term planning. Listen to suggestions by friends who are experienced in dealing with share investment.


Lunar August

Some problems regarding money matter will arise during this month of August. You must make sure you know every detail of your partnership business, especially on rolling capital. Partners and friends may drag you into some difficult positions because of debts they owed.


Lunar September

A good month for unmarried persons. Love affair will occupy and important place in their lives. Opposite sex will bring good luck to each other. Their relationship enhanced and cross over into a new stage where they might be engaged.


Lunar October

Do not engage too much in entertainment or in publicity. Having fun is good but not to the extent of spoiling your normal work. Popularity would only bring you unnecessary troubles, so keep a low profile in order to have a peaceful and happy life.


Lunar November

No matter how busy you are, health must be taken care of. Avoid being an workaholic or entertaining without end. It could bring you heart problem, high-blood pressure, diabetes and all sorts of sickness.


Lunar December

As your circle of friends broadens, you may have acquaintance with opposite sex and involve in illicit love affair. One night stand is alright. Do not waste your time and money on emotions that are not real. Control yourself.